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How to use the Family Account feature in Rezerv fitness software?

With Family Account feature, your customers can create child accounts for their children as well as buy packages and book classes for them. This feature will be useful for fitness studios that cater to families.

Do you offer fitness classes for children at your studio? If so, then our new Family Account feature is made for you. With this feature in our fitness software, your customers can now create child accounts for their children and book classes and purchase packages on their behalf, even if the child doesn't have their own RezevePass account or mobile number!

We believe that this new feature will be a game-changer for fitness studios that cater to families. By providing an effortless and efficient booking experience for families, you can improve customer satisfaction and grow your customer base.

How to enable Family Account?

  1. Login to your business portal.
  2. Go to the Settings page then choose Customer.
  3. On the Access restrictions section, toggle on Enable Family Account. You can set the minimum age of a child that is eligible to sign up in your gym or studio.
  4. Last step, don’t forget to click Save and you have enabled Family Account.

To enable Family Account, please make sure that you subscribe to Business tier or above.

How do your customers create a child account?

  1. Go to the My profile page.
  2. Open Family account page.
  3. Click + Add child account.
  4. If your customer’s child has a mobile number, select Yes and then enter the mobile number and email address. Please note that the mobile number and email address entered should NOT be the same as your customer account (or parent account).
  5. If your customer’s child doesn’t have a mobile number, select No and enter the child’s email address.
  6. Then, click Add.
  7. An invitation will be sent to the child’s email address.
  8. After the child accept the invitation, he/she will be listed as a child account
  9. Your customer (parent account) will be able to book classes for the child.

If the child previously has a RezevePass account, your customer can simply click Send invite link, enter the child email address, and click Send invite.

As a studio that offers fitness classes for children, you know how important it is to keep families happy and satisfied. And that's where the Family Account feature comes in - by providing an effortless and efficient booking process, you're not only making things easier for your customers but also showing that you value their time and effort.

But the benefits don't stop there - by implementing the Family Account feature, you're also creating a sense of community within your studio. You're giving parents the opportunity to share their love of fitness with their little ones, and who knows, you may even spark a lifelong passion for healthy living in the next generation.

So don't wait any longer - take the plunge, book a demo now and enjoy a 2-month FREE TRIAL with Rezeve fitness software today! Your customers - and their little ones - will thank you for it! With a streamlined booking process and a sense of community, you're well on your way to becoming the go-to spot for fitness enthusiasts families in your neighbourhood.

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