An All-In-One Management Software Designed for Sports Facilities of All Sizes

An All-In-One Management Software Designed for Sports Facilities of All Sizes

Manage client memberships and packages, schedule facility booking sessions, track staff attendance, and seamlessly process payments, Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software is designed to free up your time and help you grow.


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Increase Membership, Not Complexity!

Gives your customer a seamless booking experience

Your customer deserves a better, easier booking and scheduling system. With Rezerv, you can stop wasting their time and streamline the entire process with our seamless online booking, and scheduling system for your sport facility business.

Sell anything with ease and maximise your profits!

With our flexible product catalogue, you can sell literally anything. From renting your futsal field, gymnasium, or Olympic-sized pool, there's no limit to what you can do with our software. Get started today and start maximising your profits!

Flexible pricing for your services with local payments method

Rezerv makes it easy to accept local payments and get more clients. With a few simple clicks, you can create a payment page that’s integrated with your sport facilitiy’s schedule. Increase your revenue by using a single system that accepts all forms of payment, including credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and even cash!

Increase Membership, Not Complexity!

Rezerv is Everything You Need to Run a Sport Facility Business

Rezerv is the ultimate tool for optimizing the management of your sport facility. With features like customizable website design, real-time studio visibility, and analytics, you can streamline your business and make informed decisions about growth. Our software helps you manage time, space, and flow with ease, allowing you to focus on delivering the best experience for your customers.

Create a professional, modern website for your sports facilities with our 50+ customizable templates

Create a professional, modern website for your sports facilities with our 50+ customizable templates

It's time to take your sports facilities online and showcase them to the world with our customizable and mobile responsive website templates. With over 50 options to choose from, you can easily create a professional, modern website that showcases your facilities and helps you attract more bookings and customers.

Stress-free employee management

Stress-free employee management

Managing a sports facility involves more than just tracking customers, memberships, and finances. It's about creating a cohesive workflow from marketing to sales to facilities management. With Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software, your team can access everything they need in one place.

Our software also allows each staff member to easily set up their own work schedule, vacation days, and view their upcoming shifts from any device. Streamline your operations and improve efficiency with Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software.

Real People, Real Results: How Our Clients Transformed Their Businesses with Our Management Software

  • "Rezerv offered my small business an affordable all-in-one website, payment & booking platform with better service than their major competitors.

    The interface is user-friendly and the team are incredibly responsive and always available to help. I cannot recommend Rezerv enough."




  • "I’ve been using Rezerv for my fitness studio for several months now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The software is user-friendly and allows my clients to easily book and manage their appointments. The customer support team is also amazing, always available to answer my questions and offer helpful solutions.

    Overall, Rezerv has made managing my fitness bookings so much simpler and efficient. I highly recommend it to any fitness business owner!"



    Elegant Dreams Pilates

  • "When Rezerv approached me, I was quite apprehensive about their management software for a service-based business.

    After trying their demo, I must admit that they have one of the most seamless and smooth platforms and provided the necessary tools to deliver a customer-centric experience. Kudos to the team!"



    Meraki Fight Fitness

  • "Since using their software, my day-to-day operations has improved significantly. The software is user-friendly and provides me with a lot of useful features to simplify my business. The biggest plus is their customer support who’s excellent and always responds promptly to any queries or concerns I have.

    Overall, I highly recommend Rezerv to anyone looking to improve their fitness business."




  • "Finally! A company with a Management Software that understands and supports young businesses, by keeping rates competitive without compromising functionality and services offered. As a business owner, this enables me to focus on growing my business, knowing customer convenience and experience is well managed.

    My favourite part about Rezerv? The team. They are there ready to address my burning questions promptly and are constantly working hard behind the scenes, rolling out new functionalities periodically that will continue to add value to your business.

    Happy days that Bodyhack and Rezerv’s paths crossed! Keep up the good work Rezerv team!"




  • "For few years we had our own system of yoga studio membership administration. Later we decided to go for the ready product as we could see the need of development and getting modern. We had many similar product introductions, demos, we had one platform for few months, but still it looked we had to adapt our business and adapt the way we run it to the system.I am happy I found the Rezerv. After few months now using the platform, we are still satisfied. The system is clear, simple, covers many possible cases, support team is very responsive. They want to develop the product so it would cover as many needs of the customers as possible. As we all are different, so Your Rezerv can be different also. Highly recommended!"



    Ashtanga Yoga Shala Vilnius

  • "When I first decided to start my business in Malaysia, I was worried about how to manage our group class booking and payment site. Until I reached out to the rezerv website, I found that the website is so organised that I could easily solve my concerns on managing customers' bookings, scheduling classes and handling payments. I feel so lucky that I could get to solve all my concerns through this website. I will continue to expand my businesses using this rezerv website in Malaysia."

    Jordan Kim

    Jordan Kim

    Line Pilates

  • "Rezerv is a great management tool and it’s only getting better by the day. The interface is user-friendly and classy as well.

    The best thing about Rezerv is that there are different tiers to suit your business needs. We came in at the early stages and the team has been accommodating, supportive and efficient to all our digital needs. Get on board now and be apart of this growing space. We are so excited for the new features that are coming in!"





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Rezerv Sports Facility Software

Frequently asked questions

What is Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software?

Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software is an all-in-one scheduling, management, and membership system for sports facilities. It makes it easy for sport facility businesses to manage customers and facilities by automating the majority of the administrative work.

What is the benefit of using Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software?

You can use Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software to manage your operations, increase your customers base, and offer an easy booking experience for your customers.

Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software addresses the specific requirements of sport facility businesses, and it’ll assist you in simplifying administrative work, processing payments quickly, saving time with client management, generating detailed reports, and more.

We can also confidently say that using Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software will increase more bookings for Sport Facility business.

How do I know my business needs Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software?

Consider moving to Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software if you or your staff spend too much time thinking about calendars, looking for appointment data, or wasting time on scheduling and organising rather than actually preparing for your facilities and focusing on sales.

What payment gateway does Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software work with?

Rezerv allows your customers to pay using credit cards, bank transfer, e-wallets, cash, and local payment methods like PayNow! More localised payment alternatives will be available soon.

Can Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software be customised to fit my business needs?

Yes, Rezerv Group Fitness Classes Management Software offers customizable features and options that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need to manage multiple tennis courts, or just one large football field, you can specify the number of persons who can join, the timing, and the booking price.

I’m not tech-savvy enough, does Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software requires a lot of technical knowledge to use?

Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software is very user-friendly and convenient. It is created in an uncomplicated, simple-to-use manner, and the majority of actions are automated and self-explanatory so that both you and your customers can use it very comfortably.

Our business still primarily accepts cash, how will this work for us?

No worries. Even though cashless payment is now the norm, some businesses still accept cash. When a member pays in cash, simply update their profile with the amount purchased.

Can I personalise and create my own website?

You can create a beautiful, fully-functional booking website with Rezerv's website builder. Choose from among 50+ templates, personalise it with your own images and text, expand it with new pages and external links, and adjust the looks to match your branding.

I already use ClassPass, do I need to change my system?

No, Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software is already integrated with ClassPass. Your ClassPass members can also book your services via the ClassPass app too!

Can I test Rezerv Sport Facility Management Software before I get onboard with it?

Yes we can provide you with a 30-day free trial. But every business’ needs are different, so it's easiest if we have a quick chat to discuss your personal preferences. In this way, we can talk to you personally and ensure that our account manager is saving you valuable time. Schedule a free demo with us here.