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5 best workout music for your New Year's resolution workout playlist

This article delves into the dynamic role of music in enhancing workout experiences, offering a curated selection of tracks to energize and motivate your fitness journey. Also including the scientific and psychological impacts of music on exercise, highlighting how the right tunes can boost performance and endurance.

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Hey there, fitness enthusiasts and New Year's resolution makers! As we dive into another year, it's time to lace up those sneakers, hit the gym, or unroll the yoga mat with renewed vigor. But let's be honest, sometimes the hardest part of a workout isn't the last set of burpees; it's finding the motivation to start in the first place. That's where the magic of a killer workout playlist comes in. 

Think about it: How often have you felt that extra push when your favorite upbeat track comes on? There's a reason for that. Music isn't just a backdrop for your workout; it's a powerful tool that can set the pace, keep you pumped, and even make you forget how much time has passed. And with the New Year ringing in, what better time to refresh your playlist and give your fitness routine a musical boost?

In this article, we're not just throwing together a random mix of songs. We've carefully selected five tracks that are sure to electrify your workout sessions. Whether you're pounding the pavement, lifting weights, or flowing through a yoga sequence, these tunes are your perfect companions. We've considered everything – from beats per minute (BPM) to get your heart racing, to those motivational lyrics that push you to go that extra mile (literally and figuratively).

So, are you ready to turn up the volume on your workout and smash those New Year's fitness goals? Let's dive into the five best workout tracks that are a must-have on your playlist. Spoiler alert: You might just find yourself looking forward to your next workout session more than ever! 🎢πŸ’ͺ

The role of music in fitness

Research shows that music has a profound impact on our brains and bodies during exercise. It's not just about drowning out the grunts and clanks of the gym; it's about creating a rhythm that our bodies instinctively want to follow.

First up, let's talk about distraction – in a good way. Music is like a mental getaway car. It takes your mind off the burn in your muscles and the fatigue creeping in. This isn't just a feeling; studies have shown that music can actually reduce the perception of effort during a workout and increase endurance. That's right, those beats are not just making you feel good; they're making you work harder without you even realizing it.

But it's not just any music. The tempo is key. There's a sweet spot, usually between 120 to 140 beats per minute (BPM), that syncs perfectly with the average heart rate during a moderate workout. This synchronicity can help improve the efficiency of your movements, making you feel like a well-oiled machine. It's like when you walk to the beat of a song – suddenly, you're strutting down the street like it's your personal runway.

And then there's the mood factor. Music has the power to pump you up or calm you down. Upbeat, energetic tracks can elevate your mood and motivation, pushing you to tackle those extra reps or run that extra mile.

 On the flip side, slower, more mellow tunes are great for cool-down sessions or exercises like yoga, where you need to dial down the intensity and focus on your breathing.

In essence, incorporating music into your workout isn't just about entertainment. It's a strategic move to enhance your physical performance, keep your mind engaged, and elevate your overall exercise experience. 

So, when you hit play on that playlist, remember, you're not just listening to music; you're setting the stage for a more effective, enjoyable, and motivating workout.

Criteria for selecting the best workout music

So, how do we pick the perfect tracks for a workout playlist that doesn't just sound good but actually works for you? It's not as simple as throwing together a bunch of songs with a fast beat. There's a bit of a science to it, and here's what we considered to ensure you get the most out of every sweat session.

1. Tempo and rhythm

Remember how we talked about beats per minute (BPM)? This is where it really comes into play. The ideal workout song has a tempo that matches the intensity of your exercise. For cardio or high-intensity workouts, songs with a BPM of 120-140 keep you moving at a steady pace. For strength training or slower, endurance-based activities, a range of 90-110 BPM can be more effective. It's all about matching the rhythm of the music to the rhythm of your body.

2. Genre variety

Everyone's musical taste is different, and what motivates you might not work for someone else. That's why our selection is a mix of genres. Whether you're a fan of pop, rock, hip-hop, or EDM, there's something in the playlist that will resonate with you. This variety ensures that your workout stays fresh and engaging, keeping boredom at bay.

3. Motivational lyrics

Sometimes, it's not just the beat that gets you going; it's the words. Lyrics that speak of overcoming challenges, pushing boundaries, or just celebrating life can be incredibly motivating during a workout. They act as a coach, cheering you on when you need that extra bit of encouragement.

Popularity and trending tracks

Let's not ignore the fun factor. Including some of the latest hits or popular classics can make your workout more enjoyable. These tracks often have a way of making you feel connected to a larger, energetic community, even if you're sweating it out solo in your living room.

Source: Dua Lipa Spotify

Track 1: High-energy pop anthem

One of our top song recommendations in this playlist is the electrifying "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa. This track stands out as a high-energy pop anthem, perfect for bringing a burst of vitality to your workout. With its pulsating rhythm and Dua Lipa's dynamic vocals, it's the kind of song that doesn't just play in the background but actively energizes your fitness routine.

Why is "Don't Start Now" such a great fit for a workout playlist? Its BPM is a lively 124, ideal for high-tempo activities like cardio, dance, or an intense cycling session. This tempo keeps your energy up and your body moving, ensuring a vigorous and effective workout.

But the power of this song isn't limited to its beat. The lyrics are about empowerment and resilience, themes that resonate deeply when you're pushing your limits during a workout. Dua Lipa's message of moving forward and not being held back is the perfect motivational backdrop for those moments when you need an extra push.

Additionally, the song's widespread popularity means it's likely a familiar favorite. This familiarity can be a huge plus in a workout setting, as it allows you to connect with the music and enjoy your workout more, making the time fly by.

Source: DaftPunk Spotify

Track 2: Upbeat hip-hop/rap classic

Next up on our playlist is an upbeat hip-hop/rap classic that's sure to add some serious attitude to your workout: "Stronger" by Kanye West. This track isn't just a song; it's a dose of pure adrenaline, perfect for when you need to amp up the intensity of your workout.

Why does "Stronger" make such a powerful addition to your exercise routine? For starters, its foundation is built on a driving beat that samples Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," giving it a unique edge that stands out in the hip-hop realm. The BPM of this track aligns well with vigorous workout activities, making it ideal for high-intensity intervals, weightlifting, or even a brisk jog.

Kanye West's lyrics in "Stronger" are all about self-improvement and resilience. The chorus, "That don't kill me, can only make me stronger," serves as a powerful motivational mantra, pushing you to dig deeper and push harder in your physical endeavours. This message of strength and endurance resonates perfectly with the mindset needed for a challenging workout.

Moreover, the song's popularity and its iconic status in the hip-hop genre mean that it's recognizable and relatable. This familiarity can be a significant boost during a workout, as it allows you to connect with the song and draw energy from its dynamic rhythm and empowering lyrics.

Source: David Guetta Spotify

Track 3: Electrifying EDM Hit

The third track to energize your workout is the electrifying EDM hit, one of the songs that you can listen to is "Titanium" by David Guetta, featuring the powerful vocals of Sia. This track is a staple in the world of electronic dance music, known for its soaring melody and pulsating energy, making it an ideal choice for any high-octane workout session.

What makes "Titanium" a perfect workout companion? It's all about the build-up and release of energy that's characteristic of EDM. The song starts with a relatively calm intro, but as it progresses, it builds into a powerful chorus that's both uplifting and invigorating. This dynamic range in the music is excellent for workouts that involve intervals, such as sprinting or circuit training, where you need bursts of energy followed by brief moments of recovery.

The BPM of "Titanium" sits in the higher range, which is fantastic for keeping your heart rate up and your body moving. It's fast enough to keep you motivated and moving briskly, but not so fast that it becomes overwhelming. This makes it a versatile track that can be used for a variety of workouts, from running and cycling to more rhythmic exercises like dance-based fitness classes.

Sia's vocals in the song add an element of emotional power and resilience. The lyrics, "You shoot me down, but I won't fall, I am titanium," resonate with the inner strength and determination needed during a challenging workout. It's a reminder that you're stronger than you think, capable of overcoming obstacles and pushing through barriers.

Source: Survivor Spotify

Track 4: Rock power song

For the fourth track, we're turning up the intensity with a timeless rock power song: "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. This classic hit isn't just a piece of music; it's an anthem of resilience and determination, making it a perfect match for any workout playlist that aims to inspire and energize.

What makes "Eye of the Tiger" an exceptional choice for a workout? First, its iconic opening riff instantly sets a tone of strength and readiness, ideal for getting you in the right mindset before a challenging set or when you're pushing towards the end of your workout. The steady, driving beat of the song is consistent and motivating, providing a solid rhythm that can help you maintain a steady pace during exercises like weightlifting, jogging, or even power walking.

The tempo of "Eye of the Tiger" is in the moderate range, which is perfect for a wide variety of workout types. It's fast enough to keep your energy levels high, but not so fast that it overwhelms your ability to keep in sync with the music. This balance makes it a versatile choice, suitable for both high-intensity workouts and more moderate exercise sessions.

But it's the song's lyrics and their association with overcoming challenges that truly make it a powerhouse in a workout context. The lines "It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rival" are not just words; they're a battle cry, encouraging you to dig deep and find your inner strength. This message of resilience and fighting spirit resonates deeply when you're striving to reach your fitness goals.

Fight Song - Single by Rachel Platten | Spotify

Source: Rachel Platten Spotify

Track 5: Inspirational pop ballad

Rounding out our playlist is an inspirational pop ballad that brings a different kind of energy to your workout: "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten. This track stands out as a powerful anthem of self-empowerment and resilience, making it an ideal choice for moments in your workout when you need a motivational boost or during a cool-down period to reflect on your accomplishments.

"Fight Song" strikes a unique balance in a workout playlist. Unlike the high tempo tracks typically associated with exercise, this song brings a slower, yet equally impactful, rhythm. Its tempo is more relaxed, making it perfect for stretching, yoga, or the tail end of a rigorous workout when you're starting to wind down. The gentler pace allows you to focus on your movements and breathing, helping to bring a sense of calm and control.

What truly sets this song apart are its inspiring lyrics. Rachel Platten's message of fighting through adversity, believing in oneself, and never giving up resonates deeply, especially in a fitness context. The chorus, "This is my fight song, take back my life song, prove I'm alright song," serves as a powerful reminder of your personal strength and the journey you're on. It's about celebrating your victories, no matter how small they may seem.

Moreover, the emotional resonance of "Fight Song" adds a layer of depth to your workout experience. It's not just about physical endurance; it's about mental and emotional fortitude as well. This track encourages you to connect with your inner strength, pushing you to persevere through challenges both in and out of the gym.

Incorporating these tracks into your workout routine

Now that we've got our playlist lined up with some fantastic tracks, let's talk about how to seamlessly integrate them into your workout routine. Whether you're a gym veteran or just starting your fitness journey, the right music can elevate your exercise experience to new heights.

Matching the beat to the workout: Start by aligning the tempo of the songs with the intensity of your workout. High-energy tracks like "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa and "Stronger" by Kanye West are perfect for high-intensity intervals or cardio sessions.

Their upbeat tempos help maintain a vigorous pace, keeping you motivated and energized. On the other hand, "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten, with its slower tempo, is ideal for your warm-up or cool-down routines, helping you to ease into or out of a high-energy workout session.

Creating a workout narrative: Think of your workout as a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Start with something inspirational like "Fight Song" to get you in the right mindset. As you move into the more intense part of your workout, switch to the high-energy pop and hip-hop tracks to keep your adrenaline pumping.

Finally, as you wind down, let the steady rhythm of "Eye of the Tiger" guide you through your cool-down, leaving you feeling accomplished.

Personalizing your playlist: While these tracks are our top picks, remember that the best workout playlist is one that resonates with you personally. Feel free to shuffle the order or add in your favorite tracks that match the tempo and mood you need for different parts of your workout.

The key is to keep the energy flowing in a way that aligns with your exercise routine and personal taste.

Using music as a motivational tool: On days when your motivation is waning, let these tracks be your call to action. Music has the power to shift your mindset, and sometimes, all it takes is the opening bars of a song like "Stronger" to get you moving.

Use these tracks to overcome those moments of inertia and re-energize your commitment to your fitness goals.


As we wrap up, let's take a moment to reflect on the powerful role music plays in enhancing our workout experiences. The right playlist, as we've seen, is not just a collection of tunes; it's a vital tool that can motivate, inspire, and elevate your fitness routine. 

Remember, the effectiveness of a workout playlist lies in its ability to resonate with you personally. While the songs we've selected are our top picks for energizing your routine, the most impactful playlist is one that you've tailored to your own tastes and exercise needs. 

Don't hesitate to experiment with different genres and tempos to find what truly motivates you. The goal is to create a soundtrack that not only accompanies you through your workouts but also keeps you looking forward to each session.

As you embark on or continue your fitness journey this year, let these musical selections be a source of strength and enjoyment. Whether you're pushing through a challenging cardio session, lifting weights, or winding down with some yoga, these tracks are here to keep you company and keep you driven.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Should I stick to one genre of music for my workouts?

Not necessarily. While some people may prefer a specific genre, a mix of genres can keep your playlist fresh and cater to different aspects of your workout. For example, pop and EDM are great for high-energy sessions, while rock or hip-hop can provide a motivational boost.

2. How often should I update my workout playlist?

It's a good idea to update your playlist regularly to avoid boredom and maintain motivation. Adding new tracks or rearranging your playlist every few weeks can keep things interesting and engaging.

3. Can music really improve my workout performance?

Absolutely! Studies have shown that music can not only elevate mood but also increase endurance, reduce perceived effort, and even improve metabolic efficiency. The right playlist can be a powerful motivator and performance enhancer during workouts.

4. Is it better to have a longer or shorter playlist for workouts?

It depends on your workout length and preference. Ideally, your playlist should be long enough to cover your entire workout session without repeating songs, as repetition can become monotonous. A mix of different lengths and tempos can also help cover different phases of your workout.

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