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Powerful Analytics

Access comprehensive reports, gain critical insights, and make data-
driven decisions that propel your business forward!

Get it organised!

All your client information in one place so you can monitor progress and
boost your efficiency.

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Sales analysis

Quickly generate sales reports that hone in on the precise information you need for maximum insights.


Service analysis

By knowing which time slots generate the most sales, you can adjust your clsx based on its popularity to boost maximum revenue.

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Advance reporting features

A fully integrated management system gives you a powerful reporting for your business
analysis and evaluation.

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Deeper analysis of individual customers

Deeper analysis of individual customers

Knowing what your customer purchases and what clsx they are attending is viable to helping the business grow.

Booking frequency and trends

Booking frequency and trends

The booking report will allow you to see how many people on average book up a particular class.

Tracking Client Progress

Tracking Client Progress

View and update your clients history, packages and make notes on your clients progress.

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