Flexibility in every transaction

Payment management
software with local
payment options

Cater to all customer preferences by accepting a diverse range of
localized payment methods. From bank transfers, credit cards, to e-
wallets, we support it all.

Simple setup

Offer a frictionless experience from beginning to end.

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Simple Transactions!

This platform provides Stripe and Xfers. Stripe charges 3.4% + $0.50 service charge and Xfers charges $0.20 per transactional fees.


Localised payment methods

Rezerv accepts paynow. This allows people to pay their preferred way which will increase sales volumes.

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Increase your revenue!

Rezerv increases your efficiency with the different payment methods that your customers
can choose from!

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Comprehensive Point-of-Sale

Comprehensive Point-of-Sale

Giving you all the tools you need including e-payments and invoicing.

Payment Flexibility

Payment Flexibility

The options are endless with Paynow, Stripe and X-First and more!

Secure Checkout

Secure Checkout

Manage your store products efficiently where you can keep track of your customers transaction history. Curate a optimized browsing experience for your customers.

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Get paid instantly!

The most flexible payment options for your clients.

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