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5 best gym equipment brands in 2024

Best gym equipment brands in 2024 for your facility based on our research and expertise include Precor, Life Fitness, Technogym, BH Fitness, and Rogue Fitness.

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Stepping into the world of fitness business? First off, kudos to you! It's a bold move, and the journey ahead is both exciting and rewarding. Now, let's talk about the heart of your facility: the gym equipment. 

Think about it. The equipment you choose is more than just metal and rubber; it's the backbone of your business. It's what your members will interact with every single day. They'll sweat on it, push their limits with it, and rely on it to achieve their fitness goals.

Choosing the right brands isn't just about aesthetics or even just functionality. It's about ensuring that every piece of equipment in your facility stands up to the test of time, offers optimal performance, and most importantly, keeps your members safe. And let's not forget, the brands you opt for say a lot about your facility's standards and values.

In this guide, we'll dive deep into the top 5 gym equipment brands that are a must-have for any top-notch fitness facility. Brands that have earned their stripes in the industry, and come highly recommended by fitness aficionados and professionals alike. 

So, whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade, stick around. This is the insider scoop you've been waiting for.

Source: Pexels

4 factors to consider when choosing gym equipment brands

Picking the right gym equipment brand isn't just about going for the shiniest or the most advertised. It's a bit like dating – you've got to know what you're looking for and what's a deal-breaker. So, let's break it down, shall we?

1. Durability and build quality

First things first, you want equipment that's built to last, right? Think about it. The last thing you need is a treadmill giving up the ghost in the middle of a member's sprint session. Ouch! So, always keep an eye out for brands known for their robust build. Remember, durable equipment isn't just a cost-saving move; it's a safety thing too.

2. User reviews and ratings

Ever bought something online based on rave reviews? And guess what? It works the same for gym equipment. Dive into those reviews, see what real users are saying. If a brand has more complaints, it's probably a red flag.

3. Price vs. value

Now, I get it. Budgets are real, and we all have to stick to them. But here's the thing: cheap isn't always cheerful. It's essential to strike a balance between cost and quality. Sometimes, investing a bit more upfront can save you heaps in the long run.

4. Warranty and customer support

Ever had something break down and then realized the warranty just expired? Or tried to get customer support and ended up talking to a robot for hours? Frustrating, right? Always check out the warranty terms and the reputation of the brand's customer service.

Top 5 best equipment brands for your gym

Source: Precor

1. Precor

Ever heard of Precor? Of course, you have! If you've been around the block in the fitness world, you know that Precor is like the Rolls-Royce of gym equipment. Let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

Back in 1980, when neon leotards and leg warmers were all the rage, Precor burst onto the scene and quickly became a game-changer. Fast forward to today, and they're still rocking the fitness world with their high-tech, top-notch equipment.

And innovation? It's like second nature to these folks. From their earliest designs, which were way ahead of their time, to their current lineup, they've always been about pushing boundaries.

"But what makes Precor stand out?" Well, for starters, they're a big deal in the strength training department. While they've got their fingers in many pies, strength equipment is where they truly shine. It's like their crown jewel! And with over 2 million fitness equipment units sold worldwide, it's clear they're doing something right.

Precor's equipment comes with a heftier price tag. But think of it as an investment. You're not just paying for a piece of equipment; you're paying for innovation, reliability, and top-tier performance.

And hey, if you ever run into a hiccup, their customer service is top-notch. From the moment you decide to purchase to any post-sale support you might need, they've got your back.

Source: Life Fitness

2. Life Fitness 

Life Fitness is like that friend who's always ahead of the curve, always in the know. Their equipment? Top-notch. From heart-pumping cardio machines to those weights that make your muscles sing, they've got it all.

And the best part? They're not just about making things look good. They're about performance, reliability, and innovation. It's like they've got this magic recipe that combines industrial-grade materials with sleek design, making their equipment both robust and a treat for the eyes.

Now, here's a fun fact: Life Fitness isn't just resting on its laurels. They're constantly pushing the envelope. Their machines are versatile, packed with programming options, and customizable features. And if you're into virtual workouts, they've got you covered.

With integrations with popular apps like iFit Coach and Peloton, you can hop on a Life Fitness machine and transport yourself to a workout class halfway across the world. Cool, right?

But, and there's always a but, quality like this comes at a price. Life Fitness equipment is a bit on the pricier side. But think of it as an investment. You're not just buying a piece of equipment; you're buying peace of mind, knowing that you're getting the best of the best.

Another fact about Life Fitness is that the World Gym International selected Life Fitness as a preferred partner. It's clear that they're making waves in the industry!

Source: Technogym

3. Technogym

So, picture this: It's the early '80s. Fitness centers are few and far between, mostly reserved for the elite athletes and the bodybuilding pros. The equipment? Think industrial dumbbells and basic benches. Not exactly the high-tech, user-friendly stuff we're used to today. 

Enter Nerio Alessandri, a young Italian designer with a passion for fitness and a keen eye for design. Frustrated by the lack of equipment tailored for everyday folks like him, he decided to shake things up.

In 1983, with a blend of his love for tech and fitness, Alessandri introduced the world to the Hack Squat under the Technogym brand. But he didn't stop there. Soon after, he rolled out a series of fitness equipment, including the first-ever complete gym designed for home use.

And guess what? The big names took notice. Formula 1, top football clubs – they all wanted a piece of the Technogym pie.

Fast forward to the '90s, and Technogym was on fire! They weren't just about pumping iron; they were pioneering a whole new approach to wellness. We're talking personalised, holistic health tools, like the CPR system that adjusts your workout based on your heart rate, and the Wellness System, which is like having a personal trainer in your pocket, tracking your every move.

Today, Technogym is a global powerhouse, known as "The Wellness Company." From strength training equipment to cardio machines, they've got it all. And with their products gracing over 100,000 fitness centres and 200,000 homes worldwide, it's clear they're doing something right. 

Their gear is top-notch, packed with state-of-the-art tech and innovative designs. And while they might be a bit on the pricier side, you're not just buying equipment; you're investing in a brand that's been at the forefront of the fitness revolution for over 30 years.

Source: BH Fitness

4. BH Fitness

Whether you're a fan of heart-pumping cardio sessions on treadmills and stationary bikes or you're more into strength training with ellipticals, BH Fitness has got you covered. And the best part? Their equipment doesn't just look good; it's designed with the user in mind.

User-friendly, durable, innovative – it's like they've ticked all the right boxes. Plus, if you're a gym owner on a budget, BH Fitness offers some pretty sweet deals in the mid-range price bracket.

But here's what really sets BH Fitness apart: their commitment to their customers. From the moment you think about buying from them, they're with you every step of the way.

Need help with designing your gym layout? Their design team's got your back. Want advice on creating a space that'll keep your gym-goers coming back for more? They're on it. And if you ever run into any hiccups with your equipment, their top-notch customer service and global network of technicians will sort you out in no time.

It's clear that BH Fitness values building lasting relationships. They're not just about selling you a piece of equipment; they're about being a partner in your fitness journey. And with over 90% of their customers coming back for more, it's evident they're doing something right.Until today, they are making their mark in over 85 countries. 

Source: Rogue Fitness

5. Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness kicked off in a humble garage back in 2006. Fast forward to today, and they've grown into a global powerhouse with over 1400 team members. Impressive, right?

But what really sets them apart is their commitment to quality and safety. They're not just about selling you a piece of equipment; they're about ensuring that every squat, lift, and pull-up you do is safe and effective.

Now, let's talk gear. From barbells and power racks to sleds and accessories, Rogue's got it all. And if you're into CrossFit or weightlifting, you're in for a treat. They're the official equipment suppliers for the CrossFit Games, USA Weightlifting, and even the World’s Strongest Man competition.

But here's the thing: while their equipment is top-notch, it does come with a heftier price tag. So, if you're on a tight budget, you might need to shop around a bit. And while they're big on safety, they're not certified by some of the big-name safety testing organizations, which may concern some customers.

Now, let's dive a bit deeper. Rogue isn't just about selling gym equipment; they're about making a difference. They're champions of the "Industrial Revolution 2.0", a movement that's all about bringing manufacturing back to local communities.

They believe in sourcing locally, supporting local workers, and creating a self-sustaining ecosystem where everyone benefits. It's not just about making a quick buck; it's about building a community and making a lasting impact.

And if you need proof of their commitment, just take a look at their campus in downtown Columbus, Ohio. They've planted their roots in the heart of the city, showing their loyalty and dedication to the community that's been with them from the start.


Embarking on the journey of setting up or upgrading your fitness facility is no small feat. It's not just about filling a room with shiny equipment; it's about making informed choices that resonate with your brand, your clients, and your vision. 

From the classics like Precor and Life Fitness to the trailblazers like Rogue Fitness, each brand brings its own flavour to the table. And while some might dazzle with their tech-savviness, others stand out with their commitment to community and sustainability.

But here's the golden nugget: it's essential to choose equipment that aligns with your gym's ethos and the needs of your clientele. Whether you're catering to the elite athletes or the everyday folks looking to shed a few pounds, your equipment should offer safety, durability, and a sprinkle of innovation. After all, in this ever-evolving fitness landscape, staying ahead of the curve is the name of the game.

Now, speaking of staying ahead, let's not forget the operational side of things. As you're investing in top-tier equipment, why not also streamline your gym's management? That's where Rezerv steps in. With features like a seamless booking system, in-depth analytics, and an easy-to-use website builder, Rezerv ensures that while your clients sweat it out, your management system runs as smooth as silk. Book a demo now for free!

Remember, your gym is more than just a space; it's an experience, a community, a sanctuary for many. So, invest in brands that not only enhance the physical space but also elevate the overall experience for your members. And hey, while the initial investment might seem daunting, think of it as planting seeds for a future filled with fit, happy clients and a thriving business.

Here's to building fitness businesses that inspire, empower, and transform. Let's get to it!

Friska 🐨

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