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Halloween workouts & exercises ideas

Here are a few of Halloween-inspired workouts to help you get into shape for your costume this year & don't let the spooky Halloween vibes trick you!

Source: Pexel

Halloween is coming up and with it comes the perfect opportunity to get in shape for your costume! Whether you are dressing up as a character from your favorite movie or trying out a new look this Halloween, making sure you are physically fit to rock your look is a must.

Here are a few of our favorite Halloween-inspired workouts to help you get into shape for your costume this year:

1. The Horror Movie Workout

Perhaps you've never heard of this exercise before. You may not be used to this type of exercise, but we promise you that you will enjoy it. When the movie is getting scarier, the more challenging the exercise is going to be. Follow the directions for the exercises:

  • Do 10 push-ups every time you hear someone screams.
  • When you see blood, do 15 double leg lifts.
  • When something pops out, do a 1-minute plank.

Tip: Do it with friends and family to make it more fun.

Source: Pexel

2. Monster Squat

For this exercise, you have to walk in a squat position like a scary monster, first to the right for 40 seconds and then to the left for 40 seconds. You can take a 20-second break between each side, or you can just skip it. This exercise is actually called a "Crab Squat Walk" more often. It's a great way to get your glutes and legs stronger.

  • Start in a normal squat. Keep your deep squat and take a step to the right.
  • Try to keep your squat depth the same as you move.
  • As you walk, slightly turn your feet and knees outward.
  • Start each step with your right foot.

Source: Pexel

3. Zombie Crawl

Imagine this scene from a scary movie: The main character is running away from zombies when they trip and fall to the ground. The zombies then crawl on all fours towards them, getting closer and closer. This is how you'll move forward on your hands and feet and work out your whole core in the process.

  • Get down on the floor in a tabletop position.
  • Your knees should be just below your hips, and your elbows should be right under your shoulders.
  • Keep your back straight and put the tops of your feet on the floor.
  • Pull your stomach in and slightly lift your knees off the floor.
  • Hold this pose while you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Source: Xframe

4. Deadlift

The name of the workout alone makes one think of ghostly zombies waking from their graves on Halloween. The legs, glutes, calves, and back are all strengthened while performing a set of deadlifts.

  • First, you should try to stand up as straight as possible.
  • Touch your temples with your fingertips.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent as you lean your upper body forward and press your glutes back.
  • Always remember to maintain an upright posture.
  • To keep your head from bobbing, focus your vision on the ground in front of you.
  • Inhale.
  • Exhale as you stand back up straight.

Source: Pexel

5. Spider Plank

Most people are afraid of spiders, but you should try the fun workout called “spider planks.” This is a challenging exercise that will work your whole core, this is how to do it:

  • You should go into a forearm plank posture, with your elbows just under your shoulders and your feet hip-width apart. A straight line should extend from your head to your heels, so activate your core, clench your glutes, and align your neck with your spine.
  • Keep your hips level as you bend your right leg and get your knee as close to your right elbow as you comfortably can. Do a brief pause, and then return to the starting plank posture.
  • Perform the same motion on the left side, this time bringing the left knee to the left elbow.
  • Keep switching sides until you've done all the reps.

So much fun right? Don't let the spooky Halloween vibes trick you into thinking that you're sacrificing your health and fitness this holiday.

Fitness can be fun if you change how you think about it and make it part of your daily life rather than something that you "try" to do every now and then. We wish you all a happy Halloween and hope that you keep healthy and fit all year round!

If you lack the self-motivation to exercise when you're at home, a fitness class is a great alternative. Having a group to exercise with and a qualified instructor to help you stay motivated will both greatly improve your chances of reaching your fitness goals.

Getting started at fitness is much easier if you can find one that allows you to book a class using an easy to use fitness software.


We wish you all a happy Halloween and hope that you keep healthy and fit all year round!

Happy “spooktacular” halloween!

Dexter 👻

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