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Top 5 fencing classes in Singapore

Ready to explore some of the best places to learn this fascinating sport in Singapore? Let’s figure out which one is perfect for you.

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Ever watched a thrilling sword fight in a movie and thought, "Hey, I want to do that!"? Well, if you're in Singapore, you're in luck. This bustling metropolis isn't just about mouth-watering food and sky-kissing buildings, it's also a hotspot for sports enthusiasts, and yes, that includes fencing

Fencing isn't just about duelling with swords. Picture a chess game at warp speed, the exhilaration of a sprint race, and the mind games of a poker match, all rolled into one. 

Moreover, it's a fantastic way to keep fit while honing discipline, focus, and rapid decision-making skills. Fencing is also a great sport to try if you’re feeling stressed out. Quite a twist for a sport with such historical roots, isn't it?

In this article, you will be taken on a thrilling exploration of fencing in the heart of Singapore. Uncovering the best of fencing classes that can equip anyone with the skills to lunge, parry, and riposte like a pro.

Understanding fencing

In Singapore, fencing has a history that might not be as long as its European counterparts but has seen a rapid rise in popularity. What began as a niche sport has now sprouted roots in the heart of the Lion City, blooming with classes, clubs, and competitions.

Fencing is like a well-choreographed dance, but with swords. There are three types of fencing, each with its unique weapon and set of rules: the epee, foil, and sabre. The epee is the heavyweight of the trio, with touches being scored anywhere on the opponent's body. Imagine it like a boxing match, where every punch counts. 

Then there's the foil, the lighter, nimbler cousin of the epee, where points are scored only on the torso. This is more like a game of tag, where it's all about precision. Finally, there's the sabre, the showstopper of the fencing world. With this, they can score by striking above the waist. Picture it as a dazzling fireworks show, fast, flashy, and breathtaking.

But, what about the gear? Much like a knight heading into a joust, a fencer needs their armour. The ensemble includes a protective mask, a jacket, and gloves, and of course, their chosen weapon. It's their shield and sword, their cloak of invisibility, their ticket into the captivating world of fencing.

Do you find yourself yearning for more knowledge about this exciting world of thrusts, parries, and ripostes? Why not take a look at our comprehensive guide: Fencing 101: An Introduction to the Sport for Beginners.

Top 5 fencing classes in Singapore

So, ready to explore some of the best places to learn this fascinating sport in Singapore? Let’s figure out which one is perfect for you!

Source: Z Fencing

1. Z Fencing

This academy was founded in 1993 by an Olympian and three of the country's best national fencers. They pioneered the first private fencing academy in Singapore and have played a major role in promoting the sport and its excellence pathway locally. The Z brand has grown internationally and is known for its dedication to both excellent fencing training and character development for young learners.

Z Fencing offers a range of programs tailored to meet different needs and goals of their students. Their programmes are modular, allowing students to progress at their own pace and level of intensity.

Classes and Programs include:

  • The CORE Programme is designed for beginners. It introduces the fundamentals of fencing in an enjoyable way, instilling a love for the sport and teaching values important for success in both fencing and life. It's suitable for those who wish to pursue fencing at a recreational or school level.

  • The DEVELOPMENT programme, also known as the Pre-Elite programme, caters to those who want to challenge themselves with intensified training. This programme allows for faster progression and serves as pre-elite level training for those who have mastered the basics. Participants can compete at school and club levels, or consider fencing as their main school CCA.

  • The ELITE programme is designed for fencers who aspire to compete at the highest level. The programme includes 2-3 group sessions per week, individual lessons with a primary coach, overseas training camps, and competition exposure.

  • The INDIVIDUAL programme for those who prefer a more personalised approach. These programmes offer customised schedules and training plans based on individual goals.

📍 Address: 293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #04-01 Singapore 319387

Source: SG Academy of Fencing

2. SG Academy of Fencing

Next on our list is an academy that truly caters to every budding fencer's needs - the SG Academy of Fencing. Imagine a place where fencing isn't just a sport, but a journey that you embark on, a journey that sees no age boundaries. That's what SG Academy of Fencing offers - group and private fencing lessons open to all ages. Intrigued? Let's delve deeper.

It's fascinating how they structure their classes, isn't it? They realise that age can define one's ability to grasp the finesse and strategy of fencing. So, the SG Academy of Fencing has age-specific fencing lessons. If one is a young fencer aged between 4-6, a budding fencer aged 7-12, or a more advanced fencer aged 13 and above, there's a class specifically designed for them. It's like the academy speaks their language and understands their learning pace.

But that's not all! Flexibility is one of the pillars of their training regime. Every day holds the promise of a fencing class. However, it's entirely up to the student how often they want to engage. Some might immerse themselves in a 5-day fencing week, while others might choose to hone their skills for 2-3 days. It’s really about what works best for the individual.

In terms of credentials, the SG Academy of Fencing brings 3 solid years of experience to the piste. What does that mean for the learner? They're learning from seasoned pros, skilled and professional instructors who have lived and breathed fencing for years. It's like having a roadmap to fencing success, charted out by those who've journeyed and conquered the path before.

📍 Address: HA Commercial @ Tampines #01-14 6 Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528893

Source: Asgard Fencing Club​

3. Asgard Fencing Club

Let's talk about another gem in Singapore's fencing landscape - the Asgard Fencing Club. Now, here's a fun fact. Did you know that Asgard Fencing Club is home to Singapore's first and only Fencing World Champion of 2016? Impressive, isn't it? Born only in 2014, this club has rapidly built its reputation, teaching the art of fencing to close to a thousand children.

What makes Asgard Fencing Club stand out? Well, it offers a whole range of classes, catering to everyone from curious beginners to seasoned pros. Their students often start their journey with the beginner classes, gradually stepping up the ladder, mastering the art and strategy of fencing, until they find themselves in the elite classes.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room. The price tag. Indeed, Asgard Fencing Club's rates might not fit every budget. However, remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for"? With Asgard, that stands true. They guarantee top-notch instruction from some of the best fencing instructors in Singapore. That's a priceless experience if you ask me.

But there's more to Asgard than just classes. It's Singapore's premier Sabre Fencing Club that has been producing World, Asian, SEA Games, and National Champions since its inception. The local team of coaches is led by none other than David Chan, who tutored Lau Ywen, their most notable member, and Singapore's first Fencing World Champion.

Asgard also offers both group and private classes and caters to children of all ages. A blend of quality, variety, and inclusivity, it does make a compelling case for itself, doesn't it?

In the grand scheme of things, what's the real charm of Asgard Fencing Club? It's their ability to make fencing accessible and enjoyable to everyone, regardless of age or skill. Now, isn't that what true sportsmanship is all about?

📍 Address: 9 Tagore Ln, #03-11, Singapore 787472

Source: Absolute Fencing

4. Absolute Fencing

This is a place that isn't just about the sport itself but about cultivating a sense of belonging and unity. Absolute Fencing believes in the potential of ordinary people to become champions. 

It's not all about innate talent, but the grit, discipline, and will to succeed. Their philosophy, plain and simple, is that ethics make the athlete. That's why their coaches strive to inculcate core moral values such as discipline, respect, perseverance, and fortitude. They go beyond the piste, teaching not only fencing skills but also instilling a moral compass in their fencers.

At Absolute Fencing, you're more than a student - you become part of a tightly-knit family. They take pride in fostering relationships between members and coaches and warmly welcome new members into their fold. Team spirit and unity are of paramount importance here. 

📍 Address: 27 W Coast Hwy, #02-03 Westway, Singapore 117867

Source: Bastion

5. Bastion HEMA

Bastion is not your typical fencing school. It's all about swords, spears, bucklers, and long messers - a proper mediaeval ensemble. Each weapon serves a unique purpose, and you, as a student, get to master different skills as you navigate through the various classes at Bastion. Picture yourself as a knight of the round table, learning the art of wielding different weapons.

You might be wondering how they ensure the authenticity of their training. Well, it's all based on their unique training methodology that rests on three main pillars. Picture these pillars as the keys to unlocking the ancient art of mediaeval fencing.

First, they rely on historical sources like mediaeval manuscripts. It's as if they have a time machine, taking them back to the period, helping them grasp the techniques and philosophies of the age. They translate that ancient wisdom into a language that you, the modern-day fencing enthusiast, can understand and apply.

Second, they offer a wide range of weapons, right from safety-oriented foam swords to the more authentic steel ones. Imagine yourself starting with foam, and as your skills progress, advancing to the steel swords, just like in the tales of old.

Lastly, they put you through a series of pressure-testing drills. These are designed to mimic the unpredictable nature of mediaeval encounters, allowing you to put your skills to the test in a controlled, yet challenging environment.

But wait, there's more! Apart from learning to fence like a mediaeval warrior, you also get to foster physical fitness, mental discipline, and personal growth. It's like blending the thrill of fencing with the wisdom of history, offering you a unique chance to relive the past while honing your skills.

📍 Address: 39 Jln Pemimpin, #05-04 Tailee Building, Singapore 577182


And there we have it! We've taken you on a journey through the top fencing classes in Singapore, a voyage that's traversed the familiar roads of traditional fencing and delved into the mediaeval lanes of historical sword-fighting. Quite an adventure, wouldn't you agree?

So, are you ready to pick up that foil, epee, or sabre and get started? Remember, whether you're aspiring to be a competitive fencer, seeking a unique fitness regimen, or just looking to pick up a new hobby, the journey is just as important as the destination. So, get out there and make your mark in the world of fencing.


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