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What is Bungee Fitness and where to try it in Singapore?

Born from the idea of combining the thrill of bungee jumping with the discipline of a structured fitness routine, Bungee Fitness is the brainchild of some genius minds who thought, "Why not make exercise feel like flying?"

Ever noticed how the world of workouts is constantly evolving? One day it's all about Zumba, the next it's HIIT, and now there's something even more exhilarating on the horizon, Bungee Fitness. 

It's a fun, unique way to work out, where you get to feel a bit like you're flying. And the best part? It's gaining popularity right here in Singapore. In this article, we'll explain what Bungee Fitness is all about and show you where you can try it out in Singapore.

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What is Bungee Fitness?

Born from the idea of combining the thrill of bungee jumping with the discipline of a structured fitness routine, Bungee Fitness is the brainchild of some genius minds who thought, "Why not make exercise feel like flying?"

Now, before you start thinking it's all just fun and games (well, it mostly is), there's some serious science behind it. The resistance from the bungee cord means your muscles are constantly engaged, giving you a full-body workout. And the best part? It's low impact. So, while your heart's racing and you're having the time of your life, your joints are thanking you.

Origin stories vary, but many believe Bungee Fitness first took flight in Thailand. From there, it spread its wings, captivating fitness enthusiasts worldwide. And honestly, it's easy to see why. It's not every day you find a workout that combines the adrenaline rush of an extreme sport with the benefits of a structured exercise session. 

The benefits of Bungee Fitness go beyond just a good sweat session. Here are a few perks that might just make you a bungee believer:

  • Cardio boost: With all that jumping and flying, your heart rate goes up, making it an excellent cardio workout.
  • Core strength: Keeping yourself balanced and controlled while in the air? That's your core working overtime.
  • Flexibility: The dynamic movements help increase your range of motion, making you more limber with each session.
  • Mental health: Let's face it, who wouldn't feel happier after pretending to be a superhero for an hour?

How does Bungee Fitness work?

Okay, so now that we've piqued your interest, you're probably wondering, "How does this whole flying-around-the-room thing actually work?" Let's break it down, step by step, without getting too technical.

First things first, the gear. At the heart of Bungee Fitness is the bungee cord itself, which is securely anchored to the ceiling. You'll be strapped into a snug harness that's attached to this cord. Think of it as your personal ticket to defying gravity. The harness is designed to distribute your weight evenly, so you won't feel any uncomfortable tugging or pulling.

Once you're all geared up, the real fun begins. A typical class kicks off with a warm-up, getting those muscles ready for action. Then, under the guidance of a trained instructor, you'll dive into a series of exercises. From lunges and squats in mid-air to flying push-ups (yes, they're as cool as they sound), you'll be moving in ways you never thought possible.

Safety is paramount, of course. The instructors are well-trained to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. They'll guide you on how to move, jump, and even how to land gracefully (or at least, try to!). And remember, the bungee cord is there to support you, so there's no fear of crashing down.

Wrapping up the session, there's a cool-down phase, helping your heart rate return to normal and giving you a moment to bask in the afterglow of an exhilarating workout.

The only 2 Bungee Fitness studios in Singapore

Alright, now that we've got you all hyped up about Bungee Fitness, you're probably itching to give it a try, right? Well, lucky for you, Singapore's fitness scene is always ahead of the curve, and there are some fantastic studios where you can take the plunge. Let's dive into the Bungee Fitness Studios in Singapore.

Source: www.elindance.com.sg

1. Elin Dance Studio

Situated at the heart of Singapore's vibrant dance community, Elin Dance Studio is more than just a place to bust a move. It's a sanctuary where individuals from all walks of life come together to express, dance, and transform. Their ethos? It's not just about adopting a lifestyle; it's about embracing a transformative way of life filled with grace.

But here's the kicker: Elin isn't just about dance. As Singapore's one and only Bungee Fitness Studio and Training Centre, they offer an extensive range of Bungee classes that cater to everyone! Whether you're a sprightly 4-year-old or a spirited 66-year-old, there's a class tailored just for you. 

From their top-rated Bungee Workout (or as some call it, the Bungee Sling) where you can dive into exhilarating jumps and dives, to the unique Family Bungee sessions where parents and kids bond over bounces, Elin ensures a memorable experience for all.

And if Bungee isn't your thing? No worries! They've got a smorgasbord of other offerings like Aerial Yoga, KPOP, Hip Hop, and Wheel Yoga. With an average class size of 7, you're guaranteed personalized attention. 

And for those seeking a more intimate experience, they offer private 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 sessions. So, if you're looking to shed stress, have a blast, and maybe even try a new dance move or two, Elin Dance Studio awaits!

📍 Address: 896 Dunearn Rd, #03-03B/03C

Source: www.msmchq.com

2. MSMC Singapore (Movement & Sports Medicine Centre)

If you're looking for a bungee experience that's a cut above the rest, then MSMC Singapore is your go-to spot. Ever wondered how you could get the most out of a workout in the shortest time? Their bounce bungee classes have cracked the code.

With an incredibly high frequency of movement, these sessions are designed to torch calories at a rate that rivals traditional exercises—think of the intensity similar to swimming.

But it's not just about burning calories. The beauty of their bungee classes lies in the resistance. As you stretch and move, the bungee's resistance kicks in, especially towards the end of each movement. This not only doubles the frequency of your muscle engagement but also provides an extra oomph to your training.

The result? Faster muscle building, a significant boost in explosive strength and endurance, and some serious core work.

📍 Address: 151a Kitchener Rd, #02, Singapore 208526

5 tips for first-timers

1. Dress the Part: Choose fitted workout clothes that won't get tangled in the bungee cord. And, leave the jewelry at home – you don't want anything getting caught mid-air!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Like any workout, you're going to sweat. So, make sure you're well-hydrated before the class, don’t forget to bring along a water bottle.

3. Listen to Your Instructor: Pay attention to their guidance, and don't hesitate to ask questions. They're there to ensure you have a safe and fun experience.

4. Set Realistic Expectations: It's your first time, so don't stress about nailing every move. Bungee Fitness is as much about having fun as it is about the workout. Embrace the experience, laugh at your bloopers, and remember, every pro was once a newbie.

5. Warm-Up: Don't skip this part. It's essential to get those muscles ready for the bungee action.


We've explored the exciting world of Bungee Fitness and discovered the two special places in Singapore where you can try it out. It's not just about getting fit; it's about having a blast while doing it. So if you're looking for a fresh and fun way to exercise, Bungee Fitness is worth a shot. Ready to fly? See you up there!

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